A Two-Part Foundation to a Better You

  • Life doesn’t work well without minerals. Minerals are the most important part of creating enzymes and reactions as your body goes about making energy, hormones, and creating proteins to keep you young.

    Our soil is now depleted of minerals because we have over farmed it, and our diet now contains compounds called phytates which deplete minerals. There is no way to get adequate minerals from food given the current situation on the planet, unless you go out of your way to eat large amounts of organ meat, which has its own downside. 

  • Our two-part foundation provides all the essentials for your body to function properly.

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Vitamins D, A, K, and E are the most foundational of all the vitamins. Your body needs minerals to do its job, and the fat-soluble vitamins are the cargo vessels that get the minerals where they need to go. Vitamin DAKE™ is especially critical now that most people are deficient in many essential minerals. Without those vitamins, your body can’t fold proteins to build cells; it can’t move electricity to carry messages; and it can’t build enzymes to generate energy in your mitochondria.

Grown from Five Core Pillars

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We take great care to guarantee that our products feature the most effective forms of nutrients and only the best quality components. We consider how each nutrient is sourced, to ensure that we are using only the highest-quality components in our formulations. By considering the efficiency of the nutrient forms and the quality of the source, we can ensure that we are providing the best possible product to our customers.


We meticulously monitor each step of the supply chain to guarantee the traceability of our products. This comprises validating the source of the raw materials, appraising its handling, examining how it is manufactured, and verifying the eventual transformation into a finished item. Having these rigorous procedures in place is indispensable for achieving quality assurance and satisfying customers.


We are committed to delivering only the highest quality products. To guarantee this, we use third-party testing for all our raw materials and final formulations. This ensures that the label claims of our products meet the stringent standards of potency, purity, and validation. Through our rigorous testing process, we are confident that every product we offer is of the utmost quality and efficacy.


We are committed to maintaining a high level of integrity and quality in all that we do. We take pride in ensuring that our products and services meet the highest standards of excellence and meet the needs of our customers. We strive to be consistent and transparent in our business practices, and we do our best to exceed expectations in every way. We believe that integrity and quality are fundamental in our business operations and will always strive to maintain that level of excellence in everything that we do.


We value a science first philosophy that is driven by knowledge. This approach enables us to ensure the highest quality of research and development while ensuring the best outcomes for our customers. We strive to stay at the forefront of industry developments, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition and create cutting-edge solutions. By maintaining a science-first mindset, we can provide the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective products for our customers. We take great pride in our commitment to this philosophy and believe it is integral to our success

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Created with your Biology in Mind

Every ingredient and every formula has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure it is providing you with maximum performance, enabling you to upgrade yourself to a higher level of health and happiness. We invite you to join us on our mission to become an upgraded human with Suppgrade Labs.