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Introducing DAKE™  and Minerals 101

  • Every other type of supplement is secondary to this two-part foundation. Always pair Minerals 101 with DAKE™ for best results.

    Minerals 101 is a carefully designed, high availability formula to ensure your body gets all the minerals it needs. Vitamin DAKE™ is a synergistic blend of all the necessary fat-soluble vitamins that work together.

    There are countless studies showing that Vitamin D is beneficial, especially for bone health. But what you never hear about is that Vitamin D helps to drive calcium into the bones and Vitamin K2 helps to keep it there, so you don’t put calcium in places you don’t want it. In addition, Vitamin A works in partnership with Vitamin D so when you get Vitamin A, partnered with Vitamin K and E, all the minerals go to all the right places in the body.

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  • You can’t get minerals everywhere without fat soluble vitamins so that’s why these are the two foundational, most important supplements for any health improvement or biohacking regiment.

    Everything in the body relies on these. On top of this, Vitamin DAKE™ has Vitamin E which is a healthy fat-soluble antioxidant that we all need to maintain our health and a rare form of Vitamin E extracted from the annatto plant called GG. 

    Start with the vitamins so you can use your minerals well, then get the minerals so that your body can function properly.